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Fonoster is developed in the open. Here are some of the channels we use to communicate and contribute:


Github discussions:

  • Announcements – for announcements like new releases
  • Q&A – for discussions around Fonoster usage and community support

Twitter: @fonoster

Issue tracker: Use the GitHub issue tracker for the various Fonoster repositories to file bugs and features requests. For support, please send your questions to Github discussions or Slack channel rather than filling a GitHub issue.

Please do not ask individual project members for support. Use the channels above instead, where the whole community can help you and benefit from the solutions provided. If community support is insufficient for your situation, please refer to the Commercial Support section below.


We welcome community contributions! Please see the file in the respective Fonoster repository for instructions on how to submit changes. If you want to make more elaborate or controversial changes, please discuss them with the community before sending a pull request.

Developer Meetings

We strive to be as open and public as possible. Technical discussions happen on Slack, and we also host weekly "Office Hours" for meetings with the maintainers and ask questions.

Code of Conduct

To make Fonoster a welcoming and harassment-free experience for everyone, we follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.


Fonoster was developed initially by Pedro Sanders. Fonoster Inc sponsored the majority of its development.

Pedro Sanders contributed Fonoster's logo.