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Configure a Number

Fonoster is a "Bring your own stuff" alternative to Twilio. This means that you can use any service that makes sense for your applications, including your favorite VoIP provider.

Choosing a VoIP Provider

With Fonoster you can bring your own VoIP Provider for call origination or termination. However, we recommend using for US and Canada.

Once you have a VoIP provider, you will need to compile the following information:

  • Trunk Host/IP
  • SIP Username for registration
  • SIP Password for registration
  • Transport (usually UDP/TCP)
  • Phone number ideally in E164 format

Creating a VoIP Provider

Once you have your trunk information, follow the next few steps:

1. Open a new terminal
2. Add a new Provider

Adding your Number

Adding a new Number is just as easy:

1. Open a new terminal
2. Issue a create number command
3. Ensure the number has the format given by your provider
4. Skip the "address of record"
5. Enter the application's webhook (as per the last guide)

You are all set. Next we will test the application.