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Create a Project

Projects in Fonoster allow you to manage related resources in a single place. With your Project account, you will be able to create and manage your Providers, Numbers, SIP Agents, Domains, Functions, etc.

Each Project has its own ACCESS_KEY_ID and ACCESS_KEY_SECRET and have the PJ prefix (i.e: PJ619154d081467a0700000001)

To create a new Project with the console follow the next few steps:

1. Open a new terminal
2. Type the command "fonoster projects:create"
3. Type a friendly name
4. Chose to enable or disable experimental APIs

To start working with you new Project, you have to select it as default. To set your new Project as default, follow the next steps:

2. Open a new terminal
3. Find the Project's reference
4. Issue the "fonoster projects:use [REF]" to set the default Project

You are all set. You can now begin adding your Providers, Numbers, etc.