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Install and setup the CLI

Fonoster's command-line tool will help you manage your Fonoster instances. From creating Agents to deploying Functions and more.


The command-line tool is available via NPM. Use the following steps to install the tool as a global command.

1. Open a new terminal
2. Type "npm -g install @fonoster/ctl"
3. Wait for the process to complete

Commands and subcommands

The command-line tool comes with built-in commands covering all main use-cases and additional commands via plugins. Most commands are "collapsed" under a section. For example, the agents sections contain the following commands:

  • agents:create creates a new agent resource
  • agents:delete removes agent from a project
  • agents:get get information about an existing agent
  • agents:list list registered agents
  • agents:update updates a agent at the SIP Proxy subsystem

Authenticating the CLI

You can point the CLI to your own Fonoster instance, or use our as a service option. To use the as-a-service option follow the the next steps:

1. Go to to get your credentials
2. Open a new terminal
3. Type the command "fonoster auth:login"
4. Login using your credentials

For detailed information about Fonoster's command-line interface, please visit the NPM page.