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Using Fonoster with Google Speech APIs

Follow this quick guide to enable Google Speech in Fonoster, and unlock the potential of using Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in your Voice Applications.

Obtaining a Service Account Key

To use Google Speech in Fonoster you will need a Service Account Key. To obtain the key please perform the following steps.

  • Open GCP console
  • Select or create a new project
  • Search for "Cloud Speech-to-Text API" and enable it
  • Search for "Service accounts" and create a new service account
  • Add a key to the service account, choose JSON format, download and save in a safe location

Using the Speech APIs in a Voice Application

To use the speech APIs you first need to install the NPM plugins with:

npm install @fonoster/googleasr @fonoster/googletts

Then, configure the Voice Server to use the plugins we just installed. For example:

const { VoiceServer } = require("@fonoster/voice");
const GoogleTTS = require("@fonoster/googletts");
const GoogleASR = require("@fonoster/googleasr");
const voiceServer = new VoiceServer();
const speechConfig = { keyFilename: "./google.json" };

// Set the server to use the speech APIS
voiceServer.use(new GoogleTTS(speechConfig));
voiceServer.use(new GoogleASR(speechConfig));

voiceServer.listen(async(req, res) => {
await res.answer();
// To use this verb you MUST have a TTS plugin
const speech = await res.gather();

await res.say("You said " + speech);
await res.hangup();

That's all! Now you can use Google Speech APIs in your Fonoster applications.